Adobe in the Snow

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Adobe in the Snow
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From Ed Posa to YOU!

All Paintings are Originally Signed by Ed Posa and include the “Artist’s Embossed Seal of Authenticity.”

Choose from options below;

  • Giclee/Canvas mounted on acid-free-mounting-board
  • Giclee/Canvas Stretched (All Stretched canvas’ are not framed and include an already-assembled hook ready-to-hang). 
  • Giclee/Canvas mounted 
  • Lithograph loose

Your Item will ship approximately 7-14 Days from Ordering Date according to the custom options that you choose, if you are worried or unsure about when you will receive your order please feel free to contact us here.

Depending on how you choose to frame your Painting will determine the price of shipping, please add to cart and continue to calculate shipping. Framed paintings with glass, specifically, will cost more to ship due to weight and insurance, for example.

Every shipment will include a tracking number so you will be able to track every step of your purchase.

Here at EdPosaWatercolor, the Ed Posa Studio’s Team is committed to 100% satisfaction and customer service. Please let us know if something is wrong with your order immediately and we will be glad to solve the problem ASAP. Contact us here for further questions and concerns.

Please note that all Paintings/Prints sold on this website are copyrighted and all rights reserved to Ed Posa Watercolor

About Giclee Prints

Giclee means a spray or a spurt of liquid in French. Giclee prints are made using professional ink-jet printers. Giclees are images made from high resolution digital files and printed with tremendous quality onto paper, and canvas. Here at we provide better color and quality than other methods of printing on our canvas prints.

Giclee Canvas Stretched

“Stretching” is a term in the art world Literally meaning stretching the canvas around a frame also known as wrapped. Here at our Stretched Giclees are printed directly on premium quality canvas and professionally stretched around the best frames to deliver the quality product to you. All Giclees are hand embellished and originally signed.

Giclee Canvas Mounted

“Mounted” is a term in the art world meaning setting the canvas and or paper in a stationary position. Here at our mounted Giclees are printed directly on premium quality canvas and professionally adhered to a 100% acid free foam board. Today it is proven to be a better method than stretching a canvas if one is to frame it and better preserve the painting. All Giclees are hand embellished and originally signed.


A lithograph is a type of printing process where original are reproduced. It is an authorized reproduction created by and/or approved by the artist. The printing process is different from other traditional methods, because it does not require the “print maker” to first etch the image into metal plates. If the print quality of a lithograph is excellent and the production numbers are low, it may be very valuable in the art world.

Artist Embossed Seal of Authenticity

Much like a notary embossment this embossment securely clarifies that your print was bought directly from Ed Posa Studios. Every Print that is purchased from the website includes this embossment.

Open Edition Prints

Open edition prints are the opposite of Limited edition prints and are authorized to be printed as many times as necessary by the copyright holder (EdPosaWatercolor/ Open editions make for a cheaper alternative to fine art and are just as beautiful as any other printing process. All of our Open Edition Prints are Lithograph Prints.

Limited Edition Prints

A limited edition is a print reproduction that is limited to only so many prints. This may mean that there are only 1000 authorized prints to be printed of the specific painting. After all Limited edition prints are sold or gone, there are no more allowed to be made as per the artist. All Limited edition prints are signed and numbered. Your number, for example, will appear 353/1000, meaning that you have the 353rd print of 1000. Click here to view all limited edition prints. All of our Limited Edition Prints are Lithograph Prints.

Mill Pond Press Published Prints

Founded in 1973 and located in Venice, Fla., the Mill Pond Press Companies serves the printing needs of commercial markets. The company specializes in publishing art books and artworks for individuals, offices, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, resorts and corporate clients. It has a staff of professional and world-renowned artists with an expertise in creating contemporary and traditional artworks. Its artworks are also displayed in galleries. The Mill Pond Press Companies offers artwork in a variety of formats, such as original lithographs, etchings, serigraphs, canvas paintings, decorative prints, graphics, photographic art and videos. It additionally publishes a wide range of art books and offers videos on various topics, such as nature, wildlife, landscape, aviation, seascape, fantasy and ethnic arts.

Black Satin Wood Frame (Frame 1)

bw74 405blacksatin
-Black Satin Wood Frame

-2" Face

contact us for more info

Ciao Black Burl Wood Frame (Frame 2)

BarnWood Frame (Frame 3)

barn copy
-Unfinished Gray barnwood Framevarying shades and textures. 

-2" Face

-Hand made