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Our Testimonials

"Not only is Ed Posa a very talented artist, but one of our greatest philanthropists as well. I truly love this man!!! He is one of Pueblo's treasures!"



"Great work...inspiring individual and artist. Best wishes"



"Treasured work Mr posa does. I own several pieces through the years and yes still shopping and gonna get more if this mans great art, soon."



"His creativity is amazing!!"


"So cool story. When I moved in with my husband he had framed artwork all over the front room that he collected and takes extremely good care of because he's very fond of it. When we first met he even went through each photo and talked about each one in detail and what he like most about each one and that the artist is one of his favorite artists. One day I decided to look a little closer at the photos and your signature was on each one! I asked him if he knew that you were a local and he had absolutely no idea ?you definitely have a fan in my husband. My whole living room is decorated with your work!"


Painter, education leader to be featured during fundraiser

Posa, 85, is a fitting choice for a featured role in this year'sTuscany at St. Joseph's.Tuscany is a region in central Italy.Its capital, Florence, is home to some of the world's mostrecognizable Renaissance art and architecture, including Michelangelo's "David" statue,Botticelli's works in the UffiziGallery and the Duomo Basilica.Posa's parents immigrated from Italy. Posa grew up in a home where his parents exclusively spoke Italian.    More..

ed posa


Posa Painting in Grease Monkey commercial 

IMG 7297

Unlimited Posabilities 

You may not be able to see it, but there's a little bit of Brooklyn in each of Ed Posa's paintings. Posa is perhaps the most recognizable names in Pueblo's vibrant and often overlooked art community. Walk into almost any public building in Pueblo and it seems a Posa Indian will be lingering there, astride a horse with back turned to the viewer and looking off into the distance.. More..






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